Things to Remember About Fastag

If you love to go on long drives quite often, you need to have a FASTag to complete your toll payments without any problems. The Government of India has made it mandatory for all vehicles to use Fastag recharge online to ensure social distancing at toll-plazas and reduce traffic.

  1. What Are FASTags?

FASTags are quite similar to prepaid mobile recharge for contact-less toll collection. Generally, the toll collector will scan the code from the sticker on your windscreen to collect toll tax. One of the prominent advantages of FASTags is vehicle owners or drivers will don’t have to wait at toll plazas to complete the payment as they can quickly leave the place as the toll tax will be automatically debited from the bank account.

The FASTag works on RFID or Radio Frequency Identification IoT technology, and the FASTag stickers affixed on windscreens don’t have an expiry date. They don’t lose their functionality until they are not physically torn.

Here are some important things which you should remember about Fastag. 

  1. No FASTag? Get Ready To Pay Double Toll:

Unfortunately, if you start your happy long drive being careless without FASTag, get ready to pay double toll at toll collection plazas. All the private and commercial vehicle owners without FASTag will have to pay double the toll in cash if they don’t move from conventional to online mode of toll payment.

  1. Where Can Vehicle Owners Get FASTag?

Currently, commercial and private vehicle owners can activate FASTag from 22 certified banks at POS locations with their bank branches. One can also buy FASTags from Amazon and activate them at the nearest Toll Plaza.

  1. How To Recharge And Activate FASTag?

No bank can help you activate FASTag as it is a DIY or Do-It-Yourself initiative from the Government. One has to download the My FASTag app and complete the KYC process to self-register or activate their FASTag account. One has to also submit all the necessary documents like the RC certificate and vehicle papers if needed.

If your FASTag account is linked to your bank account, then there is no need to recharge your FASTag account, as the toll tax will be automatically debited from your bank account. The only thing vehicle owners have to ensure is that the bank account linked with the FASTag account has a sufficient balance.

On the other hand, if your FASTag account is linked to NHAI prepaid wallet, you will have to recharge it with credit cards/ debit cards/ UPI/ net banking/ cheque. The amount of additional charges also depends on the payment channel when you recharge your FASTag.

  1. Reservation For FASTag Users:

The Government of India will offer FASTag lanes to all the FASTag users; hence you can skip the traffic at toll plazas and have a seamless ride.

Why use Airtel FASTag?

Airtel Payments Bank offers amazing discounts and interesting cashback to all the users who use their service to pay toll tax. Whether it is electricity bill payment or FASTag bill payment, Airtel Payments Bank is a one-stop-shop for all your bill payment needs.

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