What to do if Your Credit Card Goes Missing?

Losing your lifetime free credit cards can be an uneasy experience. But understanding the right steps can give you peace of mind and protect you from financial harm. This comprehensive guide outlines everything you must do if your lifetime free credit cards fail.

Step 1: Immediately Block Your Card

When you realise your credit card is lost or suspect it could be stolen, your first step is to block the card. This prevents any unauthorised transactions and secures your account.

You can block your credit card through two simple ways:

Call the 24×7 Customer Care Helpline

Contact the Bank’s customer service at the toll-free helpline on your card’s back. The automated system is available 24/7 and allows you to block your card. You can also talk to a customer service agent who instantly blocks your card.

Block Card through Netbanking

Log in to your Netbanking account and block your credit card immediately. Go to the ‘My Accounts’ section, click on ‘Block Card’ next to your credit card details and follow the on-screen instructions. This instantly blocks any transactions on your lost or stolen credit card.

Once your card is blocked, you get complete protection from misuse. The bank monitors transactions regularly and contacts you proactively if suspicious activity is noticed.

Step 2: Inform Your Local Police Station

The next step is to lodge an FIR (First Information Report) about your lost credit card at the nearest police station. This establishes evidence that you have reported the loss or theft.

Provide relevant card and transaction details to the police. Obtain and safely store a copy of the FIR for your records. This helps facilitate issuing a replacement card and assists any further investigations if required.

Step 3: Apply for Card Replacement

Once you have blocked your missing credit card and filed an FIR, contact your bank to apply for a replacement. This can be done conveniently through Netbanking or the mobile app.

Alternatively, you can visit your nearest branch. The staff assists you in hotlisting your blocked card and applying for a replacement. They may request relevant details and documentation.

Step 4: Update New Card Details

When you receive your replacement credit card, activate it via the Netbanking/mobile app by setting a new ATM PIN. You must immediately update the new card details for all standing instructions and bill payments linked to your old credit card number.

Updating new card details ensures continuity of all subscriptions, utilities, card bill payments, and such without missed payments due to outdated card information.

Step 5: Review Transactions Frequently

You must frequently check your credit card statement on Netbanking, even with a replacement card.

Review recent transactions to ensure there are:

  • No debits from your missing/blocked card after reporting a loss
  • No unauthorised or fraudulent transactions on your replacement credit card

Scrutinise charges carefully. Immediately report any discrepancies, suspicious or unclear transactions to your bank. The bank investigates swiftly, mitigating risks from potential fraud.

The Bottom Line

Follow the steps above without panic if your credit card is lost and stolen. For any help, clarifications, or to report loss/theft, as well as apply for replacement, call the 24×7 bank helpline anytime or visit your nearest branch. Expert support is available to handle credit card contingency securely.

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